Monday, June 13, 2011

magazines/ production manager/ template

Magazines: I can't remember where I read this. Some site as I was looking for how to make a pitch package. It said to read the Hollywood Reporter, but it's basically entertainment news. There's a business section of the site, but it doesn't inform you on how to make a pitch package. I did learn that Warner Brothers laid off 50 people.

I also checked out Variety. I guess if you want to make it in the entertainment business, you have to keep up with current events in the business. That reminds me of Donald Trump saying that if you want to get a good career, you have to be up to date in current events. It's true, like Japan's tsunami has an effect on the global economy.

Production manager: In my notes, I'm supposed to get a production manager and get this person to figure out the budget. This is from

"TV PRODUCTION MANAGER is typically responsible for all technical operational aspects of production department projects. Incumbent is responsible for supervising and scheduling technical, freelance and temporary production staff and managing designated budgets. The production manager reports to the executive producer and works closely to ensure effective use of staff and budget for all production activities. Download this job description and modify using any word processor."

TV crew jobs: I found this on Wikipedia bout TV crew jobs and their duties.

TV production books: I found this link on TV production books. That should help me make a budget.

TV production template: I found this on

This is a 37 page template.

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