Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to pitch your script/ funding

How to Pitch your script: I have been spending a lot of time on my unpaid work on my The Vertex Fighter pitch package. I bookmarked a lot of links on how to make one. Here they are:

I found the BoilerPlate Summary Top Sheet on how to make a budget for a Film/ TV production:

I found a company called Pitch Proxy where someone else pitches your script and idea for you:

Here's an article from Net Place called "Ways to make your pitch":

Here's another article from Script Faze. The used the site on how to make a pitch package. Here's an article about "How to Craft a verbal TV pitch":

I found this interesting link called "Movie Pitch: Sell Your Idea to Hollywood." You have to buy a CD-ROM, and then you can pitch your idea to them. They will then sell the idea for you:

I found a site called The TV Writer's Vault. The link is "Pitch Your Script." It discusses sitcoms, dramas, and mini-series. An informative article:

Here's a short article from The TV Writer's Vault. It's called "How to Pitch a TV Show Idea or Script." It talks about the logline. That's a way to describe the show in one or two sentences that entice you to watch the show. There are also examples.

I found a blog on called "The Million Dollar Screenwriter." The heading is: "Crashing Hollywood one script at a time. Don't judge your future successes by what is materializing in your life at the moment. Rather focus on what you are doing today that will create the future payoff."

The article/ blog post called: "Creating a Pitch Bible."


This is from They listed ways on how to fund your movie:

Microfilmmaker Magazine wrote an article called Fund- Raising For Your Micro- Budget Film:

Moxie Matters has an article called "Investor Pitch Packet." I think from this article that I added "Target audience: Teens, young adults and people interested in MMA will watch this TV movie."

I don't remember going to WikiHow before. Here's their article on "How to Sell your Screenplay to Hollywood":

Here's The article is "So you wanna pitch a TV show?":

Here's a good film site called NATPE:

Here's Screenwriting Goldmine. I've subscribed to this site since 2009 and have been getting emails from them since:

Here is Film Nova Scotia on Facebook:

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