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Marvel Agents of SHIELD

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Dec. 14 Marvel Agents of SHIELD: On Sept. 24, 2013, I saw the pilot to this show.  This show is created by Buffy creator Joss Whedon and his brother Jed Whedon.  Also Maurissa Tancharoen co-created it and she is married to Jed Whedon.

J. August Richards plays Mike Peterson.  He saves a woman from a building that is exploded.  He is well- known as playing Gunn on Whedon’s TV show Angel.  He takes his son with him after he saves her.

Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) takes glass from guy at a restaurant.  He uses the finger print to open a safe.  A hot woman is in the hotel room and sees him.  She doesn’t care.  Ward then gets word that there are guys coming after him.  He fights them off.  I like fight scenes.  He then grabs a rope from a helicopter on the roof and flies away.

Colbie Smulders (How I Met your Mother) is Agent Maria Hill.  They discuss this spin-off from the movie The Avengers.

Hill: The battle of NY was best.
They talk about super humans.

Mike is walking on street and Skye (Chloe Bennet) kind of follows him.  She looks Asian.  I see that she is half- Asian and half-white imdb.

The agents Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division see the
video of a Mike in a hood saving the woman from a building.

Skye goes up to Mike.
Skye: You can’t even find a job.  There are guys named SHIELD who will find you.
I’m really good at  computers.
Mike leaves and Skye gets his ID.

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) creates the team.  He goes to Asian woman Melinda (Ming
-Na Wen) to join.

Melinda: I don’t want to be in the field.
Coulson: You will drive the bus.

Cut to the plane which is what Melinda will be driving.

Dec. 31: Cut to the plane.  A British guy Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) are arguing.  The plane is really nice.  That is so Joss Whedon to have British characters on his show.

Skye is in a van talking about how “You can’t find us.”  Coulson opens the van and they put a bag over her head.  Ward and Coulson interrogate Skye.

Melinda, Fitz and Simmons got to the building that blew up to investigate.
Coulson: I want to contain Mike.  Some want to dissect him.

Mike talks to a doctor: The experiment works.  I can’t go back to the factory because I can’t get worker’s comp. 

Back to the interrogation.
Skye: I found Centipede?
Ward: Centipede?

Cut to the investigation.  Fitz uses little computers to fly around the building and Melinda finds a camera. 

In the interrogation it looks like Coulson is going to inject Skye with truth serum, but then he puts it into Ward instead.  That is so unexpected and funny.  That’s Joss Whedon’s style.  It’s reversal of situation as Skye interviews Ward and asks: “Have you ever killed anyone before?”  Ward says: “Yes, a few.”

Cut to Mike at the factory and he is asking for his job back.  He says he’s stronger and shows his strength by pushing this huge machine.  Mike gets angry and throws boss into these pipes.

Coulson finds out about Mike.

Mike visits the woman at the hospital that he saved.

Woman: You’re juiced Mike.  You’re out of your mind.  Just like the last guy.  You exposed us.
Mike jumps out of the building.

That’s a good surprise.  You thought Mike was helping a woman, but she was part of the experiment. 

There is a video/ hologram of a man confronting a scientist.  There is this centipede on his arm.  It’s used for super soldiers.  

Mike approaches Melinda and Skye.  He throws Melinda out of the way.  He brings his kid Ace and gets Skye to drive them in the van.

Simmons: Mike is a bomb. 
Mike is glowing.

Fitz and Simmons: He will detonate in a few hours.  He would have to be killed.
Coulson: Think of something else, where a kid doesn’t lose his father.

The stakes are raised.
Skye deletes Mike’s files from the SHIELD.
Fitz and Simmons sees the security breach and it leads to Skye and Mike’s location.  They find the van at the train station.  Skye kicks a gang member in the crotch to create a distraction.

Skye: You’re right, he is a little bitch.

The gang members get angry and fight Mike.  Mike throws them around.  The Experiment people come and shoot at him.  The “Cop” who is really part of the Experiment come and shoots at Mike.  Melinda knocks out the Cop.  Coulson does a hostage negotiation talk to Mike.

Mike: You took my wife, house, and my job.  You told us if we work hard, we’ll be fine.
Fitz: You’re right Mike.  It matters who you are. 

A shot at Mike in the head.  He falls down.  Mike is blue.  Simmons checks him.

Simmons: Subject is in stable condition.

They drop off Mike at a nice house.

Coulson asks Skye: Do you want to join us?
Skye says yes.  The old car they’re sitting in turns into a flying car.

My opinion: I thought it was average.  I love Joss Whedon’s work on Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse.  I will admit I didn’t really like his TV show Firefly because Fox cancelled one of my favorite TV shows Dark Angel to replace it with Firefly.  Also when I watched a few Firefly episodes, I thought it was average.  I did watch the Firefly movie Serenity and that was good.  I can’t love everything by Joss Whedon.

After I saw the pilot, I didn’t watch any more of it.  I have to get hooked after one episode.  I’m sure a lot of you guys are like: “I like to watch a few episodes before I decide if I want to keep watching this show.”

The Tomorrow People: After I emailed my review of this show, my friend Sherry told me she saw the original British show before.  I was like: “What?  This show is a remake?”  I then did some research and I see that it is a remake:  

Jan. 1 Avalanche Sharks: I read about this Syfy TV movie in the newspaper so I checked out the trailer.  It looks like sharks are swimming in a snowy mountain and you can see their fins in the snow as they bite people.  Here it is:

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