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The Tomorrow People

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Dec. 3 The Tomorrow People: I feel like being creative and writing my script, but I have writer’s block.  I will write about other TV shows to get myself to be creative.  I saw the pilot of The Tomorrow People on Oct. 10, 2013. 
It starts off with Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell.  He is the cousin to Stephen Amell, the star of the TV show Arrow.)   Stephen does a voice over about how he goes to high school and takes medicine.  He has a single mom who’s a nurse and a little brother.  He ties himself up to a bed.  
John (Luke Mitchell) sneaks into a hospital/ psych ward.  A woman, Cara (Peyton List) tells him where to go.  A guard follows him.  John disappears in a flash after taking the file.  3 agents follow him to a subway station and there is fight scene as John fights off two guys.  I like that part.
John gets on a train and another agent is there and he fights him.  John then flashes in and out.  The file is about Stephen.
Stephen wakes up between a black man and a white woman.  The black man is his neighbor and he brings Stephen back to his house.  Lol.  
Mom (to neighbor): He has a sleeping disorder.
His little brother Luca is there.
Stephen had encountered a bully earlier and took his drug.  This time Stephen puts Fastlax into his pills so the bully would take it.  Introduce Stephen’s African- American friend Astrid (Madeline Mantock).  He’s hearing a woman’s voice in his head.  The bully takes drugs of Fastlax.
Stephen has a flashback of his dad.  Stephen hears a voice telling him to go to a subway station and to get on a train.  John takes Stephen and transports him.  It leads to an underground lair with Cara.
Cara: We are the Tomorrow People.  I’m telepathic, transporting, and telekinetic. 
John: You’re not sleepwalking, you’re teleporting.  This is an abandoned subway station, 100 feet below.
I then notice the producer Julie Plec’s name.  She produced other TV shows I watch like The Vampire Diaries and Kyle XY.
An Asian guy Russell (Aaron Yoo) comes and tells about a group called Ultra and is hunting us.  The government knows about them and wants to hunt and use them.
There was a homeless guy on the subway train and tells cop about the transport fight.  Dr. Jedikiah Price  (Mark Pellegrino.  He looked familiar and until a few hrs later I remember where I saw him from.  He played a bad guy on Being Human season 1.)  He talks to this African-American agent who fought John.
Dr. Price puts the gun down.  The agent can’t shoot.
Dr. Price: You can’t kill, you are unable to kill.
Dr. Price shoots and kills him.   
Cut back to the lair.
John: You inherited your powers.  Your dad was our leader.
Stephen: My deadbeat dad left my mom and 2 kids.
John: Your dad was our leader and he left to give you a normal life.
They show his dad on a videotape: “I want to say I’m sorry.”
Stephen leaves because it’s too much to take.
Stephen tries out his telekinetic powers and tells his friend Astrid about it.  She tells him he’s off his meds.
Astrid: Wasn’t your dad schizophrenic?  I stuck by you for a whole year.
The bully beats Stephen up for the drug switch up.  Stephen telekinetically pushes bully away.
Dr. Price: There are 7 people, and I think he’s the one.
Cut back to school.  
Mom: The bully is in ER and is crazy because he took your meds.
Stephen walks home and a black SUV follows him.  He telepaths to Carla that he’s in danger.  He runs and
is kidnapped.  Carla sees it.
 The Tomorrow People have a computer named Tim and it talks.  He shows the security video of Stephen being kidnapped and he finds the car.
Dr. Price has Stephen tied up.
Dr. Price: I’m an evolutionary biologist.  I found a 17 yr old who stole $7 million from the Federal Reserve, and another 16 yr old who got into the White House.
Carla and Russell enter the office building.
Dr. Price is going to put a needle in Stephen to fix him.
Dr. Price: Your dad is dead.
Security guard comes in.
It turns out their powers don’t work in the building.
Carla, Russell, and John fight agents.
Stephen concentrates and able to teleport himself out of the chair.  His friends find him.
Dr. Price shoots at them and Stephen stops the bullet and also able to teleport them out.
John and Carla kiss.
Stephen watches the rest of the video of his father.  Robbie Amell is a good actor as he has tears in his eyes as he watches this.
Stephen goes home and Dr. Price is there.
Mom: Your dad has a brother and this is Jed.  They had a fall out.
Dr. Price shows picture of them: I was born human, and he wasn’t.  I became a geneticist to help him.
He then shows a video of his dad in a ski mask, and he enters a car and it blows up.
Stephen talks to Carla.
Stephen: How come you didn’t tell me Jed is my uncle?
Carla: You are not like him.  They are my family.  I won’t let anyone hurt them.
Stephen: I have to find out who my dad is, whether he is a hero or not.
Stephen throws away his pills.  He then joins Ultra.
My opinion: I thought the pilot was average.  I didn’t watch it after this pilot.
Here are the comparisons:
Teen sci-fi show: It seemed like a boring sci-fi TV show like Smallville.  
Complicated families: It reminded me of complicated family relations like on Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, and Heroes.  Well family is interesting.
A secret government agency hunting people down: X-men, Heroes.
After Earth: I was thinking about how this movie got all these bad reviews.  I saw the trailer on Youtube and it looks good.  I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t say if it’s good or not.
Machete Kills: I did read a review about how this movie is supposed to be bad on purpose.  On imdb.com it says a 6/10.  Mediocre or average.

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