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Feb. 14 TV production: I mentioned before way back in 2008, I did a job interview at a TV production company.  Then in 2012, I started applying to all these TV production companies in Edmonton, and then I stopped after a month because there weren’t a lot.  Some were really far away, and some weren’t hiring.

Back in 2008, I wanted to get my script produced.  I was content with working at the Soup place full-time, and in the evenings I sit on the computer and look up TV production companies to pitch to.  I didn’t want a TV job back then, I wanted my script to be produced.

From 2008-2010 I did that.  In 2011, I kind of slowed down and went and looked for office jobs to work at.  In 2012, I then decided to look up TV jobs because my activity of sitting on the computer and pitching to producers and TV companies wasn’t getting a lot of results.

David Eddie: I was reading his advice column in the Globe and Mail today.  The question is “My mom disapproves of my career path.”  The writer says he wants to get into film school in Toronto, and his mom doesn’t support him because it’s so hard to get into that career.

Eddie tells him you have to show your mom how much you are passionate about it, and not because it’s some whim.  Show her how you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Flipboard: I was reading Metro on Nov. 12, 2013.  It seems to be a really good website and tool:
“It's a single place to discover, collect and share the news you care about.  Add your favorite social networks, publications and blogs to stay connected to the topics and people closest to you.”

Feb. 15 Music video: I was watching Much Music and I see this video called “Believe” by Sonreal.  It’s like a good short film.   

There is the story of a 13 yr old being pushed around, and then he starts working out.

There is a story of a 40 yr old single mom and her son is doing drugs.  She’s struggling at her restaurant job.

There is a guy in a wheel chair.

Cut to scenes of the 13 yr old boy jogging and working out.

Cut to scenes of the 40 yr old mom succeeding in her restaurant job.

Cut to scenes of the wheelchair bound guy playing basketball with other men in wheelchairs. 
The last part is Sonreal rapping and a man playing the piano.  A girl is dancing hip hop.

It’s an inspirational video where they show people triumphing over adversity.

TV producers: I went on Linked In to check on this producer I had in contact with since 2011.  I wrote a script for his TV show and emailed him to see how it’s going.  He’s been busy running his own TV company and this TV show.  It says he’s in pre-production.  It’s been 3 yrs. 

This is a guy who is already established and has been working in this industry for years.  He is still in pre-production.  I don’t know all the work he’s put in or he’s with other projects and this isn’t much of a priority to him.

I then looked at another TV producer’s Linked In page and he went to 2 colleges to study criminology.  He then went to SAIT and took Film and TV production.  I have thought of emailing him: “How did you get to where you are?”  SAIT was helpful.

Screenwriting Goldmine: Today I’m reading and deleting all these Screenwriting Goldmine emails I had subscribed to.  I see that most of them are advertising screenwriting classes, workshops, competitions, and production companies looking for scripts. 

The production companies always say something like this: “We’re looking for a female lead story set with horror setting.  Compare to House of Wax.  Budget not exceed $500,000.”

Feb. 17 Spring cleaning: In Jan. 2014, I was reading and deleting my Stage 32 emails.  In Feb. 2014, I’m reading and deleting my Screenwriting Goldmine emails.

Linked In groups: I like to read people write about writing on forums.  There are forums on those above sites.  I’m now going into Linked In groups.  I had signed onto groups like TWO BITS way back in 2011.  Prior to it, I was on reading about people comments on TV shows.

I then looked at all the groups I’m in on Linked In.  I then checked out what my connections are in what groups.

Feb. 20: Most of Screenwriting Goldmine’s “Scripts Wanted” emails are from production companies in the US.  One was from Canada so I pitched to them.

Meetup: I have read a few scripts and outlines from people in Meetup’s screenwriting group.  It kind of reminds me of high school and college creative writing classes.  In high school and college, there aren’t any scripts, but it’s more like fun short stories to read and critique.

However, I am impressed with people’s scripts here.  

Betty Hectman: Ginny Grimsley sent me this article “I Love Yarn Day.”  It’s about knitting and mystery books by Betty Hectman.  Here’s her website where there are descriptions of her books. 

When I read the summary, it reminded me of Mary Higgens Clark and Carol Higgens Clark books.  There is a mystery, but there is this kind of light element to it.

Feb. 27 Dr. Dre: He is a rapper and music producer.  I was watching some Much Music and the Today’s Top Ten was on.  It listed music artists that you would wait for their album.  He was to release his last album Detox in 2001.  He hasn’t released anything in years.  All he does is make and produce music for other artists instead of work on his album.

My opinion: That’s like me.  I haven’t really worked much on my Rain script, because I am mainly writing my blog.  Besides I’m busy working at my job.   The other day I was listening to one of my old cds by the British rock band Athlete.  I then felt inspired to look at my script. 

I then decided to delete some of the beginning and wrote in a few lines.

Seth Meyers: I’m sure all of you heard that Saturday Night Live actor Seth Meyers is going on his own late night TV show.  He says he writes SNL Weekend Update and the jokes are written on Mon. and Tues. and when Sat. comes, the jokes are stale.  If it’s on daily TV, then the jokes are fresh.

My opinion: Yeah, I know what he means.  Way back in the days of 2005-2006, I used to write daily emails.  There were times I write 3 little emails a day, so it would be like 21 emails a week.  One person said he was overwhelmed by it and not to send so much.  Prior to it, I was planning on sending 2 big emails a week.  So then I started sending 2 big emails a week.  Now I send 3 big emails a week.
I like with email, you can send it in real time.  I’m sure now people are more with instantaneous feedback like Facebook status updates, tweets, and texts.  I’m fine with sending 3 big emails a week, it’s easier to manage and for you to read.

Mar. 4: You can compare this email/ blog post to “Linked In/ Stage 32/ 10 yr old blogger Hannah Alper”:

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