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Believe TV show review

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Mar. 11 Believe: I saw the promo for this pilot and it was a little girl talking about how she has super powers and is being hunted down.  I was indifferent because there are all these other TV shows about supernatural people being hunted down.  Yesterday I checked to see what’s on TV and info the show.  I see that Jake McLaughlin is in it.  As soon as I read that, I screamed with excitement so I had to watch it. 

I wrote about him before.  He was a bad boy MMA fighter in a The Mentalist episode and I saw him in the trailer to the MMA movie Warrior.  The executive producer is JJ Abrams.  It’s creators are Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity director) and Mark Freidman.

The pilot is really good.  It starts off with a little girl who’s about 9yrs old.  Her name is Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) and she’s singing.  Her parents are driving the car in the rain.  Their car gets rammed from behind.  They run off the bridge and are upside down.  Mom takes Bo and they run.

A British woman Agent comes to help the dad and kills him instead.  She kills the mother and is about to take the girl.  A man runs over and says he’s a doctor.

Cut to a jail.  A black man priest Winter (Delroy Lindo) goes to inmate Tate (Jake McLaughlin) who is going to be executed soon.

Tate had told Winter that he was framed.  If he really was guilty, then he wouldn’t be a sympathetic character.

Winter: I’m going to help you escape.

There is a brain scan of Bo.  She’s telling the doctors to stop, but they don’t.  There are flashing lights and a malfunction of the machine.  The doctors stop the machine. 

Back to jail.  Winter tells Tate that he needs to save the girl Bo.  Channing (Jamie Chung.  She’s on ABC’s Once Upon a Time as Mulan) and she is in a van listening to them.  Winter is wearing a wire.

Hospital: Dr. Terry (Rami Malek who was on the sitcom War at Home) is trying to revive a old man.  Bo is watching.  The old man dies.

Jail: Tate is walking with Winter down a hallway.  Tate sees a butterfly and then says yes.

A blackout is orchestrated and Winter knocks out a guard.  Another guard is in on it and Tate is told to punch him in the face.  Tate goes to the sewer and is chest deep in water.  Tate comes out of the sewer and Channing puts a bag over his head. 

Channing sprays Tate with a hose.  He was in the sewer.

Dr. Terry goes to Bo and tells her that her parents are dead.

Bo: They were my parents for 2 weeks.  They’re nice.  I saw you try to save the man.  You are a good doctor.

Skouras (Kyle McLachlin, Orson on Desperate Housewives) is the bad guy boss.

Tate watches a video of Bo using telekinesis. He puts on a tracking device on his ankle and he has to rescue Bo.

Dr. Terry is going to quit being a doctor.

Tate pretends to be a patient and then he starts looking for Bo.  Agent pretends to be a doctor and does the same.  Tate puts on a scrub shirt and then he sees a butterfly and it leads to Bo.

There is silence as he watches her sleep and he cries.  Bo wakes up and asks why he’s crying. 

Tate: It’s because I’m hurt.  Look at my face.
Bo: Those scars aren’t real.  You’re crying because you are the good ones.

Tate tells her he’s with Winter and he takes her away.  Agent stops them.  Tate pretends he’s taking her to radiology and she walks with them.  Then Agent hits him and they start fighting with their arms.  Bo goes gets a needle and injects her with something.  They run away as Agent pulls out a gun and is dizzy.

The staff freak out. Agent opens a couple of close doors and then she goes to a cabinet.  Bo and Tate open a closet door where she didn’t open and they go out the window.  They climb down and catch a bus.  Agent injects something in herself to make her alert and leaves the room.

Bo and Tate are on the bus. 
Bo: I know who Senga is.  I have to tell Dr. Terry so he won’t quit.
Bo gets off bus and Tate gets off with her.

Dr. Terry goes home and his dad is in a coma.   He talks to his dad.
Terry: I tried to save him and he died.  You said you wouldn’t go to me if I was the last doctor on earth.  You were right.  I quit today.  You always get the last word, even if you can’t say it.  I was going to save you and show you.

Bo is on a computer and finds out where Terry lives.  Bo and Tate are on street and Channing picks them up.  They are taken to Winter and Bo is happy to see them.  Tate thought after the rescue he’s free to go. 

Winter: You’ll be working here for years.
Tate: I’ll leave.
Channing: You go out there on your own, you will die.

They give Tate a bag of money so he can have a place to live and take care of Bo.  Tate asks for a gun, but Winter says no because they’re the good guys.

Agent  drives her SUV into the warehouse.  Tate goes to the window with the money as Channing and Winter takes Bo.  Bo drops the turtle stuffed animal named Stanley.  She wants the toy back.  Then Agent comes.

There were suspenseful moments as Agent looks for Bo and the others hide around and watch her.  Bo tiptoes to get Stanley back, and then Agent is there.  Tate and Agent fight again.  Elizabeth has some karate kicks.  She is about to shoot Tate and Bo screams.  All these pigeons fly around her.

They all run.  Winter did get his arm shot.  They get into a car and drive away.  They drop off Tate and Bo.  Tate did get shot, his side is bleeding.

Tate and Bo go to Dr. Terry’s home.  Dr. Terry stitches Tate up as Bo goes to Terry’s dad.

Bo: Senga is someone you will meet.  She’s a singer.  She’s sick.  You will save her and her music will make people happy. 
Bo holds dad’s hand.
Bo: Your dad believes in you.  He loves you.

Terry fixes up Tate, and then Terry gets a phone call and he needs to go to the OR because they’re short handed.

Bo and Tate leave.

Winter calls Skoura and is kind of like taunting him that he got Bo.  Channing and Winter are at a Chinese restaurant.

Channing: I can’t believe you used to be partners with him (Skoura.)  You put Bo with a death row inmate.
Winter: I put him with her father.

Terry performs surgery on this woman.  Later she is singing and playing guitar on her hospital bed.  There are balloons that spell her AGNES.  Terry sees the balloons in the mirror and it says SENGA.

My opinion: I love this show.  I am going to keep watching it.


A special kid with powers: This show reminds me of Touch.  The show was about widowed father (Keifer Sutherland) who has to raise his autistic son (David Mazouz).  The son is able to predict events in a way and things are all connected.  That show was by Heroes creator Tim Kring.

Bad guys hunting down someone with powers: It was done on Heroes, and recently The Tomorrow People.

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