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The Flash TV show pilot review

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Sept. 16 The Flash TV show pilot review: I watched this back in fall 2014.  I saw the pilot and I never watched it again.  I could tell that it was like Smallville.  I later went to to read the episodes descriptions, and it was like Smallville.  I recently talked to a co-worker who is a woman in her 60s, and my friend Dan L. who saw The Flash and they compared it to Smallville.  Read the review and you try to spot the comparison.

The Flash is a spinoff from the TV show Arrow, which I like.  Here is my review: 

It starts 14 yrs ago.  Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is a kid and he's running, but these kids get at him.

Barry tells his parents: Those guys were picking on others.  They were bullies and I was standing up for them.

Later his mom is attacked by this red and yellow lightening.

His dad Henry Allen is arrested for the mom's murder.

Present.  Barry is running.  There are bank robbers by the Martin brothers.  Barry is a forensic scientist, CSI.  He looks at tire tracks and knows what is.  He gets a pen from Detective and picks up the fecal matter.

Detective: That pen was from my dad.

Barry works for Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin).  He's black.  He has a daughter Iris (Candice Patton).

Barry sees that it's cow manure.

There is a science convention.

Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh from the TV show Ed) is a scientist and he talks about advancement in medicine.

Iris and Barry are there.  Iris's laptop gets stolen and it has her dissertation on it.

My opinion: You should save it onto a USB drive, and save drafts onto your email and email it to yourself, so you have multiple copies.

Barry runs after the thief and the thief hits Barry with the laptop.  Barry falls.

The Detective then points gun at the thief.

Barry is at his office.  He has a Wall of Crazy with news articles like "Nora Allen murdered by husband."

Joe and Detective check out barn to look for the Martin brothers.  They find the car and get shot at.  Detective gets shot.

A little plane flies away.

Asian woman news reporter: The particle accelerator at the science convention has malfunctioned because it's raining.

The accelerator explodes throughout the whole city and destroys the plane.

Barry gets zapped and electrocuted.
Barry is rushed into the hospital.

9 months later.

Barry wakes up with a jolt. 

Barry: I have abs?

Cisco (Carlos Valdes): I'm Cisco and this is Kate (Danielle Panabaker).  You are at Star Labs.

Dr. Harrison enters in a wheelchair.

Dr. H: 17 people died.  The accelerator worked and then with the rain, it made lightening.
Barry: Thank you for saving my life.

Barry enters coffee shop and sees Iris working there.  She hugs him.

Someone bumps into the waitress and Barry sees the tray about to drop.

Cut to the bank.
The Robber hands a note.
The Robber then lifts up his hands and the windows shake.

Barry goes to police station.

Barry visits Det. Joe West and Det. Eddie (Rick Cosnett).  Barry learns the other Det. at the beginning of the show died when he got shot on the farm.

A criminal about to get a cop's gun, but Barry gets him.

Barry goes outside and he feels like running.  He runs really fast.

Barry goes to Star Labs and there is track.

Barry: You don't smile.
Kate: My fiancé died, my boss is in a wheelchair.

Cisco: I make the toys.

Barry runs.

Cisco: He passed 200 miles per hour.

Flashback.  Barry thinks about his parents.

Cut to the bank.

Teller: A freak storm appeared.

There is cellphone videos of a storm inside the bank.

Cut to the Star Labs.

Kate: You had a wrist fracture and 3 hrs later, it healed.

Barry: My mom was murdered.  There was a ball of lightening.  I saw a man.

Later.  Barry sees his love interest Iris and Det. Eddie kiss.  Iris sees Barry and he leaves.

Cop car is driving and gets in the way.  Barry pushes Iris out of the way.

Barry runs and enters car with a Martin brother.

Barry moves wheel and the car flips.

Martin lifts his hand and makes storm, clouds, and fog.

Det. Joe comes.

Barry: I saw Martin.  He controlled the weather.
Joe: He can't control the weather.  There is no ball of lightening.  Your dad killed your mom.
Barry leaves.
Eddie comes with sketch artist picture of Martin.

Barry tells Dr. H, Kate, and Cisco: I'm not the only one.
Dr. H: The accelerator released all this anti- matter and affects a lot of people, they're like meta-humans.

Flashback.  11 yr old Barry is at home.  The dad is being dragged away by the cops.  Joe sees Nora's body.  Barry sees the body.


Barry runs to Starling City to talk to Arrow.  (They have met each other on Arrow.)
Arrow: You can help people.  You can make a difference.  You can inspire people in a flash.

Barry talks to Kate and Cisco.

Barry: Lots of missing people, mysterious deaths.

Cisco shows the Flash costume.

Cut to Joe and Eddie enter barn.
Martin is sitting on a stool.

Martin: When my plane dropped, I am God.
Martin then blows them away with the wind.
A tornado occurs.

Joe sees the Flash.

Barry: What if I unravel it?  I will run around it in the opposite direction.
Kate: You will die.
Barry: I have to try.
Barry falls back.

Dr. H (at the lab): You can stop this.  You can do this.  Now run Barry, run.
Barry runs and his mask falls off.

Martin points gun at Barry.
Martin: I thought there was no one like me.
Barry: You're not anything like me.  You're a murderer.

Joe shoots and kills Martin.
Joe runs to Barry.

Cut to the next day.  The cops are all over barn.

Joe: What you did, was it from the lightening?
Barry: Yes.
Joe: Don't tell Iris what you can do.  I want her to be safe.

Cut to jail.

Barry talks to dad through the Plexiglas.  They pick up the phone.

Barry: I finally got into a fight.
Dad: You won?
Barry: Yeah.  I know you didn't kill mom.  But I think I finally found a way to stop them.
Dad: You have to stop worrying about me, and live your life.
Barry: I feel like I am now.  You said I had to change my name so they don't know you're my dad.  I'm proud to be your son.

Barry cries.  Good acting.

Dr. H goes into a secret room.  He enters and gets out of his wheel chair.  He presses a holograph.

Newspaper: "Flash missing."  There is a picture of the Flash and it's date Apr. 25, 2024.

My opinion:


A big catastrophic event occurs in the pilot, and it results in "freak of the weeks": It was done on Smallville.  There was meteor shower and then it made all these humans with superpowers.

It was kind of done on Flash Forward in 2009.  It lasted 1 season:

"A special task force in the FBI investigates after every person on Earth simultaneously blackouts and awakens with a short vision of their future."

Everybody blacked out and saw 6 months into the future.

A character has a secret power and/ or life that he can't tell anyone: It's been done on several shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and how she can't tell people she's a vampire slayer.

On Alias it was Sydney being a spy.  A secret life does make the show more interesting because it creates drama, conflict and tension.


1. I do like the character Barry.  He is very likeable and nice and wants to help people.
2. All the characters have purposes like the tech guy, the woman doctor, the mentor.


1. Who killed Nora Allen and why?
2. Will Barry's dad be released from jail?
3. Why is Dr. H pretending he can't walk?
4. Is Dr. H from the future? 
5. Is Dr. H a bad guy?

I usually end up watching a show to get all my questions answered.  However, the pilot didn't really get me interested.

If you like Smallville, Arrow, superheroes, sci-fi, then you may like this.

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