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Between TV show review/ Kyle Mac tweet

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May 29 Between TV show review: I love this new summer TV show called Between.  It's on City TV on Thurs. nights at 9pm.  From

"Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody except those 21 years old and under. The series explores the power vacuum that results when a government has quarantined a 10-mile diameter area and left the inhabitants to fend for themselves."  Check it out:

Here's my review:

It starts off with Day 10 and the death toll of Pretty Lake is 3,412.  A guy is trying to get to the fence, but alarm goes off.

Day 1 Death toll-0.

Wiley (Jennette McCurdy) is a pregnant teen girl and she's the minister's daughter.  Her friend Adam (Jesse Carere) is heading to MIT.  She won't tell him who the father is.

Rich boy Chuck (Justin Kelly from Degrassi) drives by.  Ronnie is a drug dealer (Kyle Mac.  I had to look him up and it turns out he played a drug dealer on Rookie Blue last season.  Typecast.)  His brother Pat is with him on the side of the road as he fixes a tire.  Chuck almost hits them.

Prison.  White guy inmate Mark (Jack Murray) is attacked by Latino inmate.  A woman guard steps in.

Black guy Gord (Ryan Allen) is with his kid sister Penny (Shailyn Pierre-Dixon).  He's signing up to join the army and it would get dad angry.

A black female teacher (Shailene Garnett) congratulates Adam for getting into MIT.  She says she's 21.

Church.  Wiley's sister Melissa (Brooke Palsson) is responsible.  They see their dad is dead.

Pat confronts Chuck's parents for almost hitting him and damaging his car.  Chuck's mom has blood on mouth and dies.

Gord is on the farm and his grandpa passes out and dies.

Day 4- 47 people dead.  Texts pop up on screen about it.

Ronnie buys 2 guns.

TV news: 36 confirmed deaths.

Adam goes to his scientist uncle Dave to see about the virus.

Adam talks to mom and she passes and dies.

Day 5- 332 death toll.  There are dead bodies all over town. 

Melissa is praying.

SWAT team is putting up fences and quarantine.

Minister Miller is talking from the TV to inform the town hall.  The Mayor is there.

Scientist Dave: There is no symptoms until they die.

Wiley signs papers with Lawyer. 

Lawyer: You know the ramifications if you tell anyone who the father is.  The client will pay the rest after the baby is given to the family.

Prison: Latino guy attacks Mark and Mark stabs Latino's arm.  Guard hits Mark. 

Chuck, dad, sister, and Amanda, the daughter with Down Syndrome (Krystal Hope Nausbaum) are watching security of their store.

Adam is on the computer and sees the army's database.  He looks at the age of all the people who died are 22 and over.

Day 10: 2810 death toll.

Adam sees hospital is full of dead bodies and his uncle Dave.

Ronnie tries to get back in the town and the SWAT team finds his guns.  They let him into the town and not arrest him.

Guard: We're leaving these people to die before they infect the rest of us.

Adam tells Wiley that no one under 22 has died.  The government is keeping all of us in here to die.  They plan to leave Pretty Lake.

Ronnie plans to go out and have fun.  Pat comes along.

Wiley's water broke and texts Adam that she's not going. 

Ronnie and Pat breaks in and steals a truck.  Chuck and his dad sees it in security cameras.


Guard goes to Latino inmate: I quit.  You know where he is. 

He gives inmate the keys and inmate unlocks himself and gets gun from a dead guard.

Ronnie and Pat drive truck and Chuck and dad sees it through GPS.

Melissa sees Wiley going into labor. 

There are red flares around a truck and Ronnie and Pat stop.  Chuck and dad comes out with their shot guns and points it at them.

Dad: Take off your clothes.
Dad shoots at their feet.
Dad: They need to be taught a lesson.

Ronnie and Pat are in their boxers.

Gord comes and points gun at Dad.

Gord: Stop!
Ronnie and Pat get dressed.
Dad puts down gun: I'm teaching them a lesson. 

Wiley is in labor and needs help.

Gord drives Ronnie and Pat to police station.

Melissa runs to Gord: Wiley's in labor.

Gord decides to not turn them in.

Wiley is bleeding.

Prison.  Latino inmate points gun at Mark and unlocks cell.  Mark gets out of cell and gets on his knees.  Woman guard comes.

Guard: Drop the gun and kick it towards me.
He does.
Guard shoots at Latino inmate.
Guard (to Mark): Get in your cell.

Wiley gives birth and it's a boy.

Adam tries to escape the fence.  Adam runs and gets shot at and falls down.

My opinion: I really like it because I want to know the mystery and see why is everybody dying off and how can it be solved?

Who's the father to Wiley's baby?

I like the characters and I want to see how it turns out.

May 30 Kyle Mac tweet: I tweeted to the actor Kyle Mac who plays Ronnie.

@KyleMacHere Hi I love you on Between and remember you on Rookie Blue. Is it true you're from Edmonton? Me too.

Kyle Mac
May 30
@TracyAu2 thank you! Yes I'm born and raised in E-Town:)

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