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Extant TV show review

 This is on my www.badcb.blogspot.ca:

Sept. 20 Extant: I saw the pilot “Re-entry” to this show on Jul.9, 2014.  After I saw it, I thought it was good.  I was unsure if I wanted to continue watching it.  A week goes by and the next episode was on Global.  I decided to watch it Global’s website and kept watching the rest of the season.  I’m writing about it now, because it finished airing the season finale.  There is no news if it will be renewed or not.

This is the premise on imdb.com: 

“An astronaut struggles to learn how she became pregnant while on a 13-month-long solo space mission.”

Molly Woods (Halle Berry) is throwing up.  Her 8 yr old son Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) asks if she’s okay.  There is a Welcome Back party for Molly who was in space for 13 months.  Ethan gets into a fight with a boy.  The dad John (Goran Vismjic) talks to Ethan at bed time.

Ethan: I need a flip.
John puts battery back into Ethan.  Ethan is an android.

Molly sees a figure as she takes out the trash.

Molly watches a video in a photo album of her and Marcus.  He had passed away.

The show is set in the future with the mirror/ TV screen and a mechanical car that can drive on it’s own.

Molly talks to her friend/ doctor Sam (Camryn Manheim) at the space agency ISEA.

Sam: You’re pregnant.
Molly: What?
Sam: You’re pregnant.
Molly: That’s not possible.

There is a flashback of Molly in her spaceship and talks to the techno voice Ben.  Molly talks to a video of Ethan and John.  The lights then go out.  Molly floats to a desk and computer and switches it on.  She sees a figure, and it’s Marcus.  He writes “Help me” on the window.

Back to present.

Molly: Give me some time before I go tell John.  I can’t get pregnant.  I tried for years.

John does a presentation about artificial intelligence and Ethan is the prototype.

John: Human bots won’t overrule us.
Femi Dodd (Annie Wersching): What if they can’t be controlled and we can’t kill them?

There is an argument and John may not get the funding for his project.

Molly talks to the ISEA.

Molly: There was a shut down, and I slept for 3 hrs.  It came back working.  I was to copy the video, but I accidentally deleted it.
Alan Sparks (Michael O’ Neill): Okay, we’ll see you in the psychiatric meetings.

Sparks opens the futuristic coffin of Yasumoto (Hiroyuki Sanada).

Sparks: John didn’t get funding. 

John then gets a call from Yasumoto Corp.  He enters it and it looks a like a museum.  It’s really a home.  John tells Yasumoto about his project.

John: I thought Ethan needed to be raised in a family.  Lots of married couples need a kid to be happy. 

Ethan and Molly are eating ice cream in the park.  Molly gets a blue star balloon with a note “I know what happened, contact soon.”  She gets freaked out and they leave.  Ethan gets angry that he dropped his ice cream cone.  He runs away and Molly follows him into the woods. 

Ethan stops at a dead bird.
Ethan: It was like that when I got here.

Molly and John talk in John’s lab in the garage.  There are full of robot body parts.
Molly: He looked at me like he hated me.

John: I got funding from Mr. Yasumoto. 

Flashback of Molly in space.
Molly touches the light bulb and it hurts her hand.

Molly records it by putting a camera on her chest.
Molly: Marcus.  Do you need help?
Marcus: Do.
Marcus touches her face and traces it down her neck and stomach.
Molly touches his face.
Marcus: It’s okay.
They touch each other’s face.
Marcus: It’s okay.

Molly talks to the ISEA therapist played by Anne Ramsay.  As soon as I saw her, I was like: “She’s Ricky’s mom on Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Sparks and Yasumoto talks about how a previous astronaut committed suicide.


Molly is on the spaceship and she wakes up to watch the video.  Marcus isn’t in it at all.  Molly is touching the air and feels nothing.  She deletes the video.

Present time.

Molly takes out the trash.

Molly: Harmon?
Harmom: It’s me.  It’s not a hallucination.
Molly: Everybody thinks you’re dead.
Harmon: Don’t trust anyone.

Harmon is played by Brad Beyer.

My opinion: Now that I’m writing about it, I can see the pilot set a lot of questions for the viewers to continue watching so they would know the answer. 

How did Molly get pregnant? 
What’s causing her hallucinations? 
Why is Harmon alive?
Why is Yasumoto in a futuristic coffin?

I watched the season finale on Global’s website.  I then read some of the reviews and comments on the internet.  Twop.com closed down their forums, so I had to look at other websites.  There were reviews that people thought it was boring, and too slow in telling the story.  They poked holes in the season finale because there was no conclusion to Yasumoto, though there are endings in other storylines.

I would say overall the season and TV show was average.  If there wasn’t a second season to this show, I would be okay with it.

Oct. 7: There still hasn’t been any news if it’s renewed or cancelled.

Gang-related: This is a summer TV show and I didn’t watch it.  Here it says it got cancelled.

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