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Sleepy Hollow TV show review/ Shailene Woodley

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Apr. 11 Sleepy Hollow: I saw the pilot to this show on Sept. 24, 2013.

It was in 1781 in Hudon Valley, NY.  There is a battle scene and it’s very exciting.  Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is a soldier and he cuts off the head of a soldier. 

Crane wakes up in a cave.  He climbs out into the woods and it’s foggy.  He almost gets hit by a car.  There is a sign that says “Village of Sleepy Hollow.”

Cut to 2 cops.  One is an old white guy and the other is a young black woman named Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie).

A priest watches them.  The cops get a call and they go to the stables.  The horses are spooked.

Abbie finds a shot gun by the truck.  Abbie finds a guy with his head cut off.

They keep shooting at the Headless Man, but he keeps coming.  He then rides out in a white horse.

Andy Brooks (John Cho from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) gets a call about Crane walking around.  Abbie sees Crane.

Abbie: That’s not him (Headless Man).  He had a red overcoat and a ban on his head.
Cop: I cut off his head.

Crane does a polygraph test and tells about himself: I’m a spy for General George Washington.

There is a flashback.

Crane: I was in triage.  My wife Katrina is a nurse there.

Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) gives a $1 bill to Crane: You won the war, 250 yrs ago.

They put him in the psych ward.  Irving won’t let Abbie talk to Crane.

Abbie: I need closure.

Abbie talks to Crane.
Abbie: Slavery has been abolished 150 yrs ago.

She drives Crane to the psych ward.
Crane: You didn’t tell them about the Headless Horseman.
Crane is playing with opening the car window.
Abbie: Show me the cave where you woke up from.

Crane sees Priest in present time.  There is flashback of the 18 century past.

Crane finds book: This was burned with me.
Crane: This is the passage.  Washington told me to kill a man with a bow on his hand.  He is Death.  One of the 4 horsemen.  He is here to finish what he started.

Horseman attacks Priest.
Priest: I will never tell you where it is.
Horseman chops off his head.

Abbie sees Priest, dead. 

Irving: Take Crane to a mental ward or you’re suspended.
Crane sees the grave Katrina Crane.  She was burned at the stake for witch craft.

Cut to mental hospital.
Abbie: My sister Jenny and I were walking home and saw 3 white trees.
We blacked out.
Abbie: People said we were crazy.  She’s been in and out of these places.  People say you’re crazy.  I understand.

Abbie enters Sheriff Corbin’s office and finds the key behind frame and unlocks file cabinet. 

Abbie listens to tapes of witch covens.  On the tape it says: “Abbie and Jenny Mills saw these 4 white trees” like the same case.

Crane wakes up and there’s that bird again.  He sees Katrina (Katia Winter).

Katrina: My grave hold the head of the horseman.  You blood he’s merged.  You’re connected.  We bound the cave to save you.  If the horseman gets his skull, the other 3 will come.  It will be the end.  The sun will destroy him.

Abbie picks up Crane from the mental hospital.
Abbie: Walk fast before she realizes the release form is a fake.

Andy enters his place and it’s broken into.  The Horseman is there.
Andy: I know where it is.

Crane starts digging the grave.  Abbie is there.
The head is in a jar.

Horseman shoots at them and they’re running.
Abbie shoots at the Horseman.
Andy drives by.

Andy knocks out Abbie and Abbie bites Andy’s thumb.
Abbie points gun at Andy.
2 cops shot at Horseman.

Horseman shoots at the cops and cruisers.
The sun rises and the Horseman leaves.

Irving; 2 cops corroborate the story.  You were going to go to Quantico to be in the FBI next week.
Abbie: Not anymore.

Andy in jail. 
Horseman there and kills Andy.

Abbie and Crane see the Horseman in the mirror.

Apr. 21 My opinion: The pilot was good.  Good writing and acting.  However, I didn’t connect with it, so I didn’t watch it after the pilot.

If you like supernatural stories, you may be interested in it.

The show has been renewed for a second season.

Apr. 27 Shailene Woodley: You may know her on Secret Life of the American Teenager or in the new movie Divergent.  I read that movie’s got good reviews.  On a Yahoo news video, it had the interview of her on Teen Vogue.  Woodley said she didn’t like Twilight because it was a unhealthy relationship.  The couple date, he leaves her, and then she goes and wants to kill herself.  That’s not a good message.

Here’s a comment:
val21mmer: I have a newsflash for you, Shailene: You aren't supposed to send ANY messages - at least, we're not waiting for them. Messages meant to impress young people are being sent by their parents and educators - and if they failed at that, your "messages" are too little too late. Let's face it: we're watching movies for entertainment, not for "messages" or life-building skills. We get these elsewhere.
So get off the high horse and just do the job you're being paid to do: pretending to a character from a fairy tale

My opinion: There are more opinions where people diss Twilight and Secret Life, and saying it’s just a movie.

When I write, I do want to send a positive message out.  I want to educate and entertain with my writing.  In my scripts there is a good message out.  I have a blog, so I do send positive messages out.

It could be really important and informative news about jobs and current events.  Or it could be something like “Watch this TV show.”

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