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 This is on www.badcb.blogspot.ca:

Mar. 23 Editor: How about being an editor?  I checked my blog and it turns out I did write something about it.

University of Alberta Press: I have read an article about this in the Edmonton Journal.  Here’s their website:

“The UAP publishes in the areas of biography, history, language, literature, natural history, regional interest, travel narratives and reference books. UAP contributes to the intellectual and cultural life of Alberta and Canada by publishing well-edited, research-based knowledge and creative thought that has undergone rigorous peer-review, is of real value to natural constituencies, adheres to quality publication standards and is supported by diligent marketing efforts.”

They also have a blog too:

Praxiom: I was looking for publishing companies in Edmonton and this came up.  It’s not a publishing company, it’s a business website.

Company’s Coming Publishing: It’s cookbooks.

Mar. 25: What’s the point in starting a publishing company?  There’s lots of self-publishing and e-publishing these days.

Writer jobs: I have been emailing all my Professional Writing friends from college to see if they know of any writing jobs.  One of them said he found a online magazine writer job on Craigslist, but it fell through because the magazine was never launched.

I went on Craigslist and looked a bit into it today.  I then went to Job Bank and looked for writer jobs and mostly got “service writer” jobs for car companies.  I looked into it on Kijiji.  That’s how I found The Golden Vanguard in 2012 and wrote movie reviews and they posted it on their website.  (I also posted the reviews on my blog.)
Mar. 26 Merge magazine: Does anyone remember this Edmonton magazine?  It had some stuff about small businesses.  I was going through my notes and I submitted an article to them before.  After a year, it closed down and re-launched in 2011.  I went on their Twitter account and the last tweets were back in 2011.
Creative writing: The only short stories and poems I have written are from college.  I see that I have submitted to a lot of literary magazines:

The Edmonton Poetry Festival: I submitted a couple of poems. 

Inscribed.org: That doesn’t exist anymore.

Bronwen Wallace Award: I submitted a short story to them

Puritan magazine:

Notebook magazine:

Metro: I see that in 2008 I submitted my “Charity” article to Metro.

24 news: I submitted the “Charity” to 24.

Seventeen: I submitted the “Charity” article to Seventeen magazine too.
Carte-Blanche: I submitted lots of poems and stories to them.

Opium magazine: I submitted a few things to them too.

Nightlife.ca: I see that I was here before.  It’s a French website.

This magazine: I submitted a query to them to read a book review of mine.  I look at writer guidelines and they look for non-fiction, current events stories.

Franklin-Christoph: I submitted a poem to them.

Geist:  A literary magazine.

Grain magazine: This is a literary magazine located in Saskatoon

Prairie Fire: This is a good website.
Mar. 30: I cut out this article’s “Globe and Mail’s non-fiction preview” on Sept. 13, 2013.  Here’s one that really stood out for me:

Denise Chong

I’d envisaged that I’d write of lone Chinese families who ran cafés in small-town Canada as a way of exploring the emotional terrain of immigrant life. I set the stories in the 1950s when the tumult of war and politics in China and the repeal of a Canadian law barring Chinese entry brought wives, sons and daughters, and “cash on delivery” brides among the newest immigrants to this country.

As I expected, lives could be upended by the unpredictable, both joyful and tragic: a boy whose grandmother sold his baby sister for a sack of rice finds out decades later, that like him, she is now living in Canada; a driverless, rolling car crosses a sidewalk and crushes the leg of a man, and soon, his widow is left to run the café.

What surprised were memories of longing that surfaced: for the caress of a father’s hand on a daughter’s head; for any chance to wear high-heeled shoes brought from Hong Kong – regretfully ill-suited to a young bride’s new rural life.

Denise Chong is the author of Lives of the Family: Stories of Fate and Circumstance, to be published in October.

Mar. 31 Paperny Entertainment: I wrote down some TV production companies I found and was to research.  I looked this up, and they produce reality TV shows.

Rainmaker Entertainment: This is an animation company in Vancouver.

It did lead me to Bring back Reboot, that old TV show from the 1990s.  I used to watch that show with my little brother.

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